Floating Dock Mooring System The floating dock can be called marina, pontoon. As a yacht facilities, which is mainly provide a berth and the water and power supply place for the yacht, it has many functions,such as yacht (a ship) parking, cleaning, maintenance and visitors up and down, and so on. Structure main ¡ncluding gangway, main walkway of the floating dock, finger floating dock , fixing device, mooring, water and power pedestal, anti-collision facilities and so on. Floating dock can adapt to different water level, which always keep a fixed distance with the surface of the water, our designers will draw design reference depth, influence factors of tides, currents and waves size and according to customer requirements of the floating dock structure, ship type, the mooring facilities, protection facilities design and so on, in order to meet the maximum use function, to ensure the safety of ship navigation requirements Made floating dock strong beautiful, simple maintenance, and economy Application:Manne Jetty, Boat Dock, Ferry Dock, Jet Ski Dock etc,

Informasi produk & penawaran : Telp. (031) 5055500, 081803215590 (WA)

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